Ninth Street Women

I’m listening to this audiobook called Ninth Street Women. It’s about the 20th Century New York abstract expressionist art scene through the lives of the women who created it. It’s fascinating. Compelling. Elucidating. Evocative. Infuriating. There are times when I want to scream from frustration and times when I laugh in recognition of something all […]

Past past past

Years ago, on my first trip to NYC, I had a line up of guys to go on dates with. The first was your typical sad boy. Comic book writer named Jesse. He was also Bree Sharp’s hairdresser. That was the impressive part. He did all the sad boy things. He sat me down to […]

Lean in

Elana pulled this card for me last time we spoke. After me thinking for months about pulling plugs on people for whom sobriety and accountability are anathema. If you have to justify its use, it’s probably abuse. Otherwise there’d be something to show for it that spoke for itself. Don’t tell me it’s temporary. Everything […]

Goodbye Coalville

Being around an addict feels like this: Your house catches fire. But all the firefighters are tasked with putting out the fire at the coal mine next door because it’s a priority. Everyone is worried about the coal mine fire. “Don’t make the coal mine fire worse!” “The coal mine fire is in crisis! We […]