Painting and listening to music. George Michael’s Monkey comes on and I laugh because it’s ridiculous. Then it hits me what the song is really about and I say…fuuuuuudge. Only I don’t say fudge. Cuz yeah. Tim Gunn said once on Project Runway about desensitization that when you enter the monkey enclosure at the zoo […]

Goodbye Coalville

Being around an addict feels like this: Your house catches fire. But all the firefighters are tasked with putting out the fire at the coal mine next door because it’s a priority. Everyone is worried about the coal mine fire. “Don’t make the coal mine fire worse!” “The coal mine fire is in crisis! We […]

How about we don’t?

I don’t take compliments well on how I’m dressed. It’s getting to be a problem because now people are calling it out without understanding that it’s not about false modesty. There’s a reason but if I say it to someone when they’re mid, “Vene, learn to take a compliment,” talk, then I have to explain […]