TV Party

Ten days ago, Nikola invited me to see Henry Rollins tell stories at a theater up in Tarrytown. So last night we ventured into the continental United States via MetroNorth along the Hudson with a couple cans of rosé. I love public transportation. Rollins was amazing. We walked into the theater as the show was […]

New Slang

The Shins @ Radio City Music Hall with Asani. FREE tickets. I’d never been. It’s spectacular. Breathtaking. Experiencing things with Asani is always frenetic and joyous. We notice the same things. Numbers everywhere. Signs. We’re very similar. Our brains go to the same places. Things I can’t really talk to anyone else about. And she’s […]

I wanna carry all of your children

They say that familiarity breeds contempt. I’m not sure it does, but it certainly takes the varnish of mystery off. Laid bare, people either become endearing or insufferable. Or both. For those of us who are sensitive, who have a lens that captures truths, the world can be a difficult place to navigate. We know […]

Part of the band

I know. I know. I said no bar hangs this month. But there are white rabbits. And white rabbits overrule intentions. Tyler gave me a book to read. Paul Auster’s The New York Trilogy. Detective novellas that stirred writerly yearnings I’ve been trying to access for over a year now when I asked everyone for […]

Don’t you worry bout a thing

Last night I white knuckled it. Couldn’t sleep. Got worried about things that absolutely nothing could change in the course of the wee hours. Woke up and started worrying some more. How quickly life turns. Two nights ago everything felt real and grounded. But sometimes real and grounded is lonely and scared. Bri came through. […]

They say it’s your birthday

6/15/2022 Jack installed the bidet for my birthday. That means a lot if you know Jack. I was touched. I put on makeup and then felt itchy so I took off all the makeup and now I’m going out with practically no makeup and it’s fine because I’m a grown up and my friends know […]

You put the lime in the coconut

Travis and I talked about The 1975 and Matty Healy last night. At Superpower. Tiki bar in Crown Heights. We talked about going to the show the next time they play. And how we’re going to cry just watching them play. We’ve been talking about seeing them for years. We had tickets for their last […]


I’m watching this documentary about Harry Nilsson. I was born in 1979 so I didn’t grow up with the 70’s. I grew up with its implications and legacies. Where my lifeline started, everyone who was older than me had collectively experienced them. It was real…to them. And to hear about it, I missed out on […]

This is my tree

Before the show: Lemon Twigs tonight with Em! That band marks time for me. It reveals all sorts of things to me. Beginnings and ends. New connections. The last time was the end of J.The time before that was the previous end of J and the beginning of COVID. After the show: Remember that I […]


I went to an immersive art installation in East Williamsburg tonight only because it featured The 1975. And as you know, they are my guiding star. It’s called UNDERCURRENT, and it’s “a new event that immerses visitors in over 11 original audiovisual art installations, created by influential musicians to inspire positive impact around the Climate […]