In love with a psycho

I watched American Hustle yesterday. It’s been so long that I’ve been into someone that Christian Bale as a con man WITH the comb over is looking good enough that I’m like, “I wouldn’t say no.” So then I tell myself to get a grip. The movie ends and immediately AppleTV starts playing this show […]

Reyes Magos

Bulletpoints: • 1937’s The Awful Truth is great. It’s the film that turned Archie Leach into Cary Grant. • My whole closet fell on me and I’m banged up but fine. Even my fingers hurt. • Rafael and I pulled a two day zoom convention of work. I hope we put the show together because […]

Monday, Monday

There’s a lot going on. Some great, some awful. Plus I’m anemic and that affects everything. I’ve gotta get that addressed so I’m healthy enough to take everything else on. Yesterday I felt it. My stairs (the worst in all of Christendom) are leaving me winded. I always feel like I need a nap. Or […]

All you have to do is call my name

Today is a level three Owen Wilson “wow” fall day. Might be false fall. But still. My window’s open. The air feels great. I don’t feel, as someone else once put it, like I’m being stung by a million bees. I was able to text Jack to clean up the kitchen without getting worked up […]

TV Party

Ten days ago, Nikola invited me to see Henry Rollins tell stories at a theater up in Tarrytown. So last night we ventured into the continental United States via MetroNorth along the Hudson with a couple cans of rosé. I love public transportation. Rollins was amazing. We walked into the theater as the show was […]