Fruma Sarah

Ok. Clothes off. Makeup off. Pajamas on. Sleep med swallowed. It’s 5:24 a.m. and there is a car full of teenagers parked downstairs blasting WAP. Aaaaah, NYC. Was tonight’s outfit a bomb? Not entirely. It was a rush. A rough draft. A first attempt. Lessons were learned. Wisdom engaged. A foundation laid. Why do I […]

Planet Claire

I went to the dentist today. The one Michael set me up with as a parting gift. His office is up on 86th between Madison and the park. I had time and I needed some art so I walked the two blocks to the Met. From the dentist to some of the most beautiful art […]

All you have to do is call my name

Today is a level three Owen Wilson “wow” fall day. Might be false fall. But still. My window’s open. The air feels great. I don’t feel, as someone else once put it, like I’m being stung by a million bees. I was able to text Jack to clean up the kitchen without getting worked up […]

TV Party

Ten days ago, Nikola invited me to see Henry Rollins tell stories at a theater up in Tarrytown. So last night we ventured into the continental United States via MetroNorth along the Hudson with a couple cans of rosé. I love public transportation. Rollins was amazing. We walked into the theater as the show was […]

New Slang

The Shins @ Radio City Music Hall with Asani. FREE tickets. I’d never been. It’s spectacular. Breathtaking. Experiencing things with Asani is always frenetic and joyous. We notice the same things. Numbers everywhere. Signs. We’re very similar. Our brains go to the same places. Things I can’t really talk to anyone else about. And she’s […]

Last train

City night. I went to see this old film called The Swimmer at Metrograph on Ludlow. Beautiful modern theater with a balcony. The film is based on a short story by John Cheever. It stars Burt Lancaster as this golden god who gets toppled. People laughed at things that weren’t meant to be funny. The […]

I feel for you

Last night Caithlin and I ended up talking with two different men at different times out by the beach. The first was a Jamaican named Treasure (not his real name). Big time flirt. He said he’d seen me before. It wasn’t a line. He had seen me before but I didn’t let on. It was […]

I’m happiest when…

It’s after close at Barbs. Nikola is behind the bar playing afro beats. Travis, Ritchie and I are on the other side. Travis asks Nikola to play “Happiness” by The 1975. He’s been listening on headphones all night. Nikola cues it up. It sounds so good. I’ve only heard it on my computer up to […]

Surf City

Beach day. Beach days are extensive. They require provisions and equipment. Some mode of transportation. Sun screen. A will to persist with grit in one’s teeth. But this time I got to flirt with the cutest boy. Kevin. The perfect curly brown hair. The most darling smile Maybe 26. Super sweet. 100% gay. He was […]