Pursuit of happiness

I don’t know how to write about this or talk about this or even feel about this. My sister called me a month ago. She never calls. She was crying. Big sobs. So it didn’t matter that I was dressed and about to go out. I knew that what mattered was that she needed to […]

I don’t look talk like I’m from around here

So part of the journey of self-exploration has been in getting to witness the autistic diaspora. When autism is discussed in a vacuum, rarely does ethnicity come into play. Like most things, autism is discussed from a white place. A male place. A privileged place. A parental place. A neurotypical place. But the great thing […]

Well I don’t care about history

When I was 12 or 13, my parents knew a younger guy in the golf scene. His girlfriend was this flawless beauty. She ran a clothing shop out of La Paloma called Sutton’s. Everything about her was effortlessly cool. Even her handwriting. She sent my mom a card on business stationary once. The script was […]

Your generation

I watched an old Noah Baumbach movie last night from 1995. Kicking and Screaming. Very first wave GenXer. Everyone’s wearing baggy Gap jeans. I’m right at the end of GenX. I have no memories of the 70’s. The girls my age were influenced by Beverly Hills 90210, yes, but more by Clueless. Clueless really gets […]

Hell is other people’s children

I almost exclusively socialize with people who don’t want to have kids. It goes beyond that. They think kids and babies are repulsive. They say they will never have them. And these are some very smart people who are not swayed by popular opinion. This wasn’t always the case. My 20’s and 30’s were spent […]

Hillary/Hilaria: what’s in a name?

I grew up a white-appearing girl in American border town with an American mother of Mexican ancestry and a Mexican father who’d immigrated to the US at the age of five. We lived two miles from Mexico and I could see the lights of our sister town on the Mexican side from my house at […]

I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose*

*The irony of discussing autism and mental illness with a song featuring Sia is not lost on me. She’s persona non grata in the autism world for her video about autism, her association with Autism Speaks, and her comments to the autistic community after they voiced they concerns. The whole point is that I am […]

Now John at the bar is a friend of mine

There was this kid I grew up from middle school with who was whip crack smart. He was popular and a jock and nothing but trouble. The mouth on this kid both annoyed me and fascinated me. I didn’t know how he could pull quotes and references outta nowhere on the fly. Meanwhile, I could […]