War time consigliere

Maybe there is no despair in promises unkept. Maybe the words spoken into the world act like a bridge over an impassable ravine. And once passed, they have served their purpose. The magic of a promise is in the pact of envisioning a mutual future in which it can be fulfilled. Together we knit stitches […]


I shouldn’t have tried to be the voice in your head when what I wanted was to be the beating of your heart. You’re the book I’d take to a desert island. You’re the first person who pops into my head when I learn something new. When something moves me I know you already know […]


This time last year I said to myself I’d have brown ringlets To curl around my finger His, mine It didn’t quite matter But I cut it all off And dyed it blue Like a penitent Like a rebel I’d tell you what I want For a year from now But she doesn’t yet exist […]

Did I want to know of fire?

There aredaysin whichIwish I’dnever metyou Never knownwhatitis to be known Never feltwhat it istobetouched Icatch myselfrememberingyouknowing meAndthechasmunknitsitself andsags wide intotheshapeof you Was it betterto have knownyouevenfor a movementthanto havewalked thisworld certainthat no onecould possiblyunderstand? Orto havefelt you mergeintome…onlyto be lashedupon thisrock and havethebits ofyouI kept pecked out anewdayafterdayafterday?