The last goodbye

When I was doneI didn’t wish him harm.Well, maybe that he’d lose his hair. But I don’t wish him loneliness.I wish him so many women.That he might chase my memoryTil his dying dayAnd that all others shouldTaste like sand in his mouth. And that his daughters would wish to be just like me.


This time last year I said to myself I’d have brown ringlets To curl around my finger His, mine It didn’t quite matter But I cut it all off And dyed it blue Like a penitent Like a rebel I’d tell you what I want For a year from now But she doesn’t yet exist […]

Did I want to know of fire?

There aredaysin whichIwish I’dnever metyou Never knownwhatitis to be known Never feltwhat it istobetouched Icatch myselfrememberingyouknowing meAndthechasmunknitsitself andsags wide intotheshapeof you Was it betterto have knownyouevenfor a movementthanto havewalked thisworld certainthat no onecould possiblyunderstand? Orto havefelt you mergeintome…onlyto be lashedupon thisrock and havethebits ofyouI kept pecked out anewdayafterdayafterday?

I don’t know where I’m going

It’s not going to be easyI wish I could spare you thatBut the road will rise to meet youAnd we will be beggars at the feastOn the other side we will marvelAt how we came through the darknessOne day, one shift, one drink, one jokeOh my darlingsAll I can do is straighten your collarWave the […]

The East

We were taught in school that history came from the East. That where we lived was vacant land, waiting to be discovered. “What are you mixed with?” This is an American question that fits the American paradigm. I don’t have easy answers. Three of my grandparents were orphaned in one way or another. The stories […]


A sound I never knew beforeIn silent winter stormsThe scrape of metal on concrete. I don’t know the man who takes the timeTo salt the sidewalkTo shovel snowOnly that the paths are clearedHe tends to trodden places not his own I’d rather not knowI want to believe he is a middle-aged dadAnd this is how […]


Aloof. The word is round in my mouth. Light and airy like a down pillow.But it means, “I want you to think I don’t care.”This word is my enemy. It is everything I stand against. It begs the question: why do you even bother to show up?It is cruel. It is an intentional sting. It […]