Threatening the life it belongs to

I’m watching the Fran Liebowitz series on Netflix and my brain is on fire. I agree with 99% of what she says (but disagree when it comes to the majesty of athletes). She talks about talent. You have it or you don’t. People who aspire to be talented are misguided. I’ve always known I had […]

Snowflake: Odyssey storytelling

Phil Gordon reached out to me to invite me to tell a story for The Odyssey in Tucson for December’s Snowflake show. I didn’t know he would say such nice things about me. Telling stories over zoom will never take the place of standing on a stage in front of a live audience. But we […]

Here to face the fortune and the bile

City life told in the contents of a purse: The purse I stole from my sister Andrea in 1996. It has mother of pearl buttons and seed beads in white, orange and maroon. The black fabric has faded and begun to tear but I still love wearing it because it is the perfect size for […]

Now John at the bar is a friend of mine

There was this kid I grew up from middle school with who was whip crack smart. He was popular and a jock and nothing but trouble. The mouth on this kid both annoyed me and fascinated me. I didn’t know how he could pull quotes and references outta nowhere on the fly. Meanwhile, I could […]

Viva la vida

Can you sense your destiny? I think for most people this isn’t a question they ponder. I think for some people, delusion plays a role in thinking they could be great. Just walk into any comedy club and you’ll sense the desperation. Comedy clubs being things of the non-present, just substitute Twitter and all the […]

Nothing’s gonna stop us now

Being alone is a gift. Having free time is a gift. Having access to books and great minds, likewise. This winter, my goals are: • to party less, read more, • study Chinese history, •be inspired by Neruda and Mary Oliver, • get better at writing, • take a class on a writing style I’m […]