Apomorphine pt. 2

I’m in love with ghosts. Parts of this one. And parts of that. Love so intense it would make you lightheaded. So it doesn’t feel like a loss to have someone flirt with you when that taught rope doesn’t tug. Anytime I need passion, I dial up a memory. A photo. A flutter. I know […]

Nothing at all

This boyThis boyThis boyThis boyThis man who pausesAnd says “No one can pull off blue like you do,”when he sees my hair. This boyThis boyThis boyThis boyThis man who pauses And says, “I’ve never had a conversation fly so fast” when we’re on the phone. This boy This boy This boyThis boyThis man who pausesAnd says, “Maybe I […]


I’ve written this obituary too many times to count nowI keep saying it’s done it’s done… it’s done…it’s done… I’m in love with a ghostI don’t know the how’s and the why’s and the whereforesOnly that whatever once was isn’t anymore No wakeNo funeralNo headstone Just a bride who lost her husband at sea To […]


I had this thought last night mid round one of mushrooms that I didn’t want to document anything. And I kept telling narrator Vene, the one who is slightly me and slightly not real…the one you know if you’ve only ever read my words and not met me in person…to be quiet. I didn’t want […]

The red, red rogue

NYE, time for intentions. I’m listening to Joni Mitchell’s Blue album a lot lately. That album wouldn’t exist had she not fallen for a few wretched men. I’m sure they were great in bed, but they left her in the lurch, each of them. She took that heartbreak and wrote exquisite poetry. Songs we still […]

Feel free

Today is the last day of 2021. The last day I will love you. Three years and change. Thank you for everything you taught me. For making me feel like I could ask for more. For letting me know there was more to you. For helping me see there was more to me. For making […]

My constant companion and the love of my life

My worry is a marathon running manIt is a constantly teething toddlerA Jack Russell left alone with a new couch It could power entire citiesFind the cure to pancreatic cancerOr propel a jet to Mars How I still find the energyAnd the inclination to love youIsn’t a mystery At times it is the one thing […]