Rid of Me: A Strange Days review

Strange Days:I’d give a spoiler alert but the movie came out in 1995 so it isn’t warranted. The film is a Kathryn Bigelow/James Cameron joint. Takes place on the days coming up to NYE 2000, which really did end up being Strange Days and not just because of all the people thinking the world was […]

To do list:

That my words bring calm and reflection That my actions reflect a kind heart and a place of refuge That my memory brings a smile to their faces That my presence makes then feel never alone in the world, wherever they may be That their actions become a reflection of my influence That the ripples […]

Let’s hear it for the boy

It’s 4:38. I’ve just gotten home and taken my sleeping pill. Let’s see what I bang out before sleepy time. I have a beach date tomorrow and I’ve gotta be bright eyed and bushy tailed. I was *supposed* to go dancing tonight. I cut my hair. Got dolled up. Put on a face. But I […]

In a Lynch

Tyler tells me before the movie that he won’t be able to pay for my ticket but he can buy me popcorn. So I get my own ticket and it turns up he bought two, I was just supposed to know to reimburse him. So we stand outside the theater hoping someone will need a […]