On a night when all I want to do is cry, I take a few mushrooms and start playing lullabies, working on a playlist for a little girl far away across the continent, who by force of will, will be the love of her father’s life. I start praying to Chopin. Prayer comes when I […]

Goodbye Earl

I’ve been trying to exorcise this ghost for a year. I got rid of WhatsApp. I blocked his number. He got a new phone to be able to call me. I blocked that too. He found me on Facebook Messenger. I blocked him on that. I wrote a story that I liked and I wanted […]

I feel for you

Last night Caithlin and I ended up talking with two different men at different times out by the beach. The first was a Jamaican named Treasure (not his real name). Big time flirt. He said he’d seen me before. It wasn’t a line. He had seen me before but I didn’t let on. It was […]


Time to conjure him. The him of the future. Artistic or appreciative of art and understanding of the lifestyle. Grounded. Sensual. Cowboy, in spirit if not in actuality. Super comfortable in his masculinity…no sad boys allowed. Dennis Quaid-like. In Parent Trap. No addicts. Spry, if not young. Comfortable with hanging out and talking or NOT […]