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Hi, I’m Vene. But you know that because you probably wouldn’t be here unless you already knew me. I’m a writer/storyteller/general ne’er-do-well from Nogales, Arizona, but also all over the greater Southwest, California and northwestern Mexico. This blog is a place for me to collect daily essays I work on towards a greater project.

I hope you get something out of coming here and following my exploits, victories, foibles and failures. Really, you’re just reading thoughts off the top of my head. Don’t expect them to be edited essays or even spellchecked. I write them on my phone from wherever I happen to be, mostly on the train. I’m hopelessly dyslexic, so even if I were to edit them, I’d never see my own mistakes. But the mistakes let you know that they’re my thoughts and not some polished gibberish I’m pawning off as unpolished thoughts. Seeee? There’s a method to this girl’s madness.

Topics range from autism and mental health to giftedness and childhood, but most all of it relates to sex (boys) and the city (NYC). Such a novel concept, I know. I don’t know where I come up with these brilliant ideas. But it’s a decidedly different take. Lots more SAT words. And a whole lot more people of color. The whole of King’s County, actually.

You’ll soon realize that most of the titles are derived from lyrics and song titles. Music played a huge role in my learning how to write. I started reading lyrics and saving them in a folder on Facebook to study. Ever notice how lyrics don’t have to spell everything out? In less than five minutes you have a story, a feeling or impression just from the confluence of words, rhythm and sounds. My writing is very much the same. I’m an orator at heart and my intent is to convey a story the way I would tell it to you if we were sitting across from each other at bar, with ebbs and flows and catharsis.

My non-music influences are all over the place: Tina Fey, Nora Ephron, Joan Didion, Dick Cavett, a lot of punk literature but especially Rev. Nørb, James Burke, Isabel Allende, Junot Diaz, David Sedaris, Kurt Vonnegut, Sarah Vowell, Lewis Carroll, Shakespeare (no biggie), John Irving…etc. I don’t pretend to know much of anything about writing. I’m not reveling in ignorance. It’d be nice to have an education in how to do this. But til they have an MFA that is free and a curriculum completely based on the movies of Adam Sandler, it’s probably not going to materialize anytime soon.

If you like what you see, or think of a way I can improve, hit me up on Insta or FB or Twitter, email, text, Craigslist Missed Connection, carrier pigeon, smoke signal, Western Union telegram, or attach your comments to a box of Harry and David Royal Riviera pears and mail ’em to me (as always, thanks, Car Talk). My address is pretty easy to find on the interwebs.

Thanks for reading, whoever you are, you gorgeous weirdo, you,

Vene Aguirre
December 7, 2019

Note: for professional correspondence, please contact me via LinkedIn.