Nudge it

Every thing in my body is saying nope today. Hormones. Strange dreams. Not enough sleep. A wind advisory (I have sensory issues with wind). Someone is jack hammering outside. A general feeling of unease. But I have to go to the city because my dentist says he has to see me every month and the […]

GERD, autism, hypermobility

Something that is not an April Fool’s joke. As of April 1, my insurance company now needs prior authorization to fill a prescription for Omeprazole. In the autism spectrum disorder/Ehlers-Danlos (EDS)/Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) nexus, most patients have to manage GERD. Unmanaged GERD leads to asthma and other respiratory problems down the road. Two […]

All I want is you

A thing I learned yesterday is that Contra dance (folksy group dancing) is very big amongst the Brooklyn queer scene. It is apparently very wholesome. There’s a band with a fiddle. A caller to direct the dancers. And people lined up to twirl around and stop in unison. Someone recently was explaining the goings on […]

Lucky star

Just got home and now I will catalogue my embarassment of riches for the evening: I met Rafael at the gallery he works at on the LES. It’s called Marc Straus after the owner. The gallery was closed and Rafael had work to do so I got a private view of all four floors. It’s […]

All my friends

All my friends are like: “Have you seen Raven Part 4? It’s based on the Cartouche series that came out originally in black and white and just got reissued with holographic ink?” Or “Have you played the new Aggretsuko video game where you have to sing karaoke death metal to save the planet?” Or “Have […]