Past past past

Years ago, on my first trip to NYC, I had a line up of guys to go on dates with. The first was your typical sad boy. Comic book writer named Jesse. He was also Bree Sharp’s hairdresser. That was the impressive part. He did all the sad boy things. He sat me down to […]

Oasis is the greatest band ever

There’s this SNL sketch burned into memory of CSPAN coverage of Parliament where Will Ferrell proclaims his love of Oasis by asking the Prime Minister to recognize that Oasis is the greatest band ever. For the record, Oasis is not the greatest band ever. This post is about me, as are all my posts, and […]

If you are the wintertime I am the spring*

Jackson didn’t just make me breakfast. He bought me a bottle of maple syrup. A while back, we were in the kitchen and I was making us pancakes with walnuts and flax seeds and chia seeds. He saw me put this fancy coffee maple syrup on my pancake that I’d bought upstate when I stayed […]

Lean in

Elana pulled this card for me last time we spoke. After me thinking for months about pulling plugs on people for whom sobriety and accountability are anathema. If you have to justify its use, it’s probably abuse. Otherwise there’d be something to show for it that spoke for itself. Don’t tell me it’s temporary. Everything […]

Reasons to be there

I grew up in warehouses. On Sundays, my dad would take me to early mass while my mom and sisters stayed home. Father Rosensweig of the Holy Order of Pedophiles gave express in-and-out 30 minute mass at 8 a.m. By 8:45 we’d have picked up McDonald’s hotcakes or Jack In The Box croissant sandwiches and […]